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On the momentous year of 2024, transformed its visionary concept into a thrilling reality. The long-awaited announcement not only marked a triumph for sports enthusiasts but also celebrated the dynamic success of billionaire Michael Andlauer over three formidable potential buyers. His winning bid secured his position as the imminent owner of the Ottawa Senators, a monumental event that sent shockwaves across the landscape of professional sports ownership.

Adding an extra layer of excitement were influential figures among the pool of interested buyers. Steve Apostolopoulos, a consortium of savvy businessmen that included the globally renowned singer The Weeknd, and a California-based producer with ties to the iconic Snoop Dogg were among those captivated by the opportunity.

The journey leading up to this pivotal announcement began with the initial revelation of the team's sale on November 1, 2022, setting the stage for an exhilarating venture. Over the subsequent eight months, the team's estimated value witnessed a remarkable ascent, skyrocketing from an initial $650 million (as reported by Sportico) to an impressive final transaction amount of $950 million. This surge underscored the robust market dynamics and heightened investor interest in professional sports franchises.

Comparisons with historical events further emphasized the significance of these transactions. In December 2021, the Pittsburgh Penguins changed ownership, acquired by the esteemed Fenway Sports Group for a substantial $900 million. Additionally, in December 2018, the city of Seattle entered the professional sports arena by securing an expansion team for a noteworthy $650 million.

Forbes, a venerable authority in sports franchise valuation, consistently updates its estimates across various leagues. The regular upward trajectory in these valuations reinforces the perception of sports franchises as not only cultural institutions but also as lucrative and resilient investments.

In this dynamic and evolving landscape, sports franchises continue to demonstrate an impressive appreciation in value. Now, Fanschise emerges as a groundbreaking platform, offering fans an unparalleled opportunity to actively invest in their passion. The platform aspires to unite fans in a historic venture, allowing them to play a direct and participatory role in the vibrant tapestry of professional sports ownership. This marks a transformative era in the relationship between sports enthusiasts and their beloved teams, where ownership becomes a shared journey rather than a distant dream.


Whether through expanding the ranks or the sale of an existing franchise, we are poised to act swiftly when the next opportunity arises, and that is why exists. Right now, we want to discover who is bold enough to participate in this wild project.


To register, simply choose the amount you'd like to invest and sign up. Pay only 1% of the planned investment amount and a $20 administrative fee today. The administrative fee, a non-refundable one-time payment, covers the company's operational costs. So, if you plan to invest $100, the registration and participation cost would be $21; for a $1,000 investment, the cost would be $30. The investment amount itself is 100% refundable at any time. When a franchise becomes available, we'll initiate the necessary steps with the league, sellers, and partners to acquire it.


Since its inception in 1903, the NBA has undergone a remarkable evolution, setting the stage for other major professional sports leagues to follow suit. The NHL joined in 1917, followed by the NFL in 1920, and the NBA in 1949. In the early stages of these leagues, franchises were predominantly under the ownership of individual proprietors, marking an era when passionate individuals steered the course of sports history.

However, the sporting landscape has experienced a profound transformation. In today's sports arena, franchise valuations have soared, with the majority surpassing the billion-dollar mark and some reaching even greater heights. This surge in value has reshaped the dynamics of ownership, leading to a prevalent trend where groups of billionaires or corporations come together, pooling their resources to collectively acquire sports franchises.

Amidst this changing landscape, Fanschise recognizes the paradigm shift in sports ownership. As a forward-thinking entity, Fanschise aspires to position itself among these influential groups, contributing to the dynamic and thriving realm of professional sports ownership. By aligning with the trajectory of modern sports business, Fanschise aims to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of sports ownership and creating opportunities for passionate fans to become integral parts of this exciting journey.