Mitigating Risks

Financial Risks
Participating in Fanschise may involve financial investments, and like any investment, there are inherent risks. The success of the sports clubs, revenue generation, and potential returns on investment are not guaranteed. Participants should be aware of the financial risks associated with sports club ownership.

Limited Cotrol Over Decisions
While Fanschise aims to involve fans in decision-making processes, participants may have limited control over certain strategic decisions of the sports clubs. Major decisions might be subject to the club's management or other stakeholders, impacting the extent of participant influence.

Market Volatility
The sports industry, like any market, can be subject to volatility influenced by factors such as team performance, economic conditions, and global events. Participants should be aware that the value and success of sports clubs within Fanschise may be influenced by external factors beyond their control.

Uncertain Returns On Investement
While there is potential for financial returns through revenue streams such as ticket sales, merchandise, and sponsorships, the actual returns on investment are uncertain. The success of these revenue channels is contingent on various factors, including the club's performance, market conditions, and the effectiveness of management strategies.