Subscription Fee

The decision to implement a $18.99 subscription fee with all transactions for Fanschise, especially in discussions related to purchasing a professional sports club, could be driven by several factors aimed at ensuring efficient management and providing value to both the platform and its users. Here are some reasons for this approach: 

Serious Inquiries: Implementing a subscription fee can effectively screen out unserious or frivolous inquiries. Individuals with a genuine interest in acquiring a professional sports club are likely to be more inclined to pay a nominal fee, showcasing their commitment and seriousness. This fee for discussions centered on purchasing a sports club can also function as a means of market validation. Those willing to invest in the fee are more likely to be serious and qualified buyers, thereby enhancing the overall credibility and efficacy of the platform.

Revenue Generation: The subscription fee serves as a revenue stream for Fanschise. This income can be used to support the platform's operations, maintain and improve its services, and potentially expand its offerings. It allows Fanschise to be more sustainable and invest in providing quality services to its users.

Access to Representatives: The subscription fee could grant users access to professional sports club representatives. This may include industry experts, legal advisors, or other professionals who can provide valuable insights and guidance during the purchasing process. The fee helps cover the costs associated with providing access to these resources.

Preventing Spam or Abuse: Requiring a subscription fee can act as a deterrent against spam or abusive behavior on the platform. It adds a layer of accountability, as users are less likely to engage in disruptive activities if they have invested in the platform through a subscription fee.

It's essential for Fanschise to communicate transparently about the benefits that users will receive in exchange for the subscription fee. This ensures that potential clients understand the value proposition and are more likely to view the fee as an investment rather than an obstacle.

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