The Idea

FANSCHISE is introducing a groundbreaking FANSFUNDING concept that reshapes the dynamics of sports ownership! Imagine having the opportunity to secure your stake in a professional sports club with just a 1% commitment today. This innovative approach allows enthusiasts like you to become part-owners of the team by making a modest initial participation of 1% of the total share value, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity.

Here's the game-changing twist: the remaining 99% is deferred until the ideal sports club is targeted. Once the team of your dreams is identified, you'll be contacted to fulfill the remaining participation and solidify your full ownership. This pioneering model revolutionizes the way fans engage with sports ownership, making it more accessible, dynamic, and tailored to the preferences of each contributor.

By asking for only 1% upfront, this fansfunding initiative democratizes sports ownership, inviting fans from all walks of life to be part of the victories and the shared excitement of owning a piece of a professional sports club. It's an innovative journey that bridges the gap between passion and ownership, turning fans into stakeholders with a vision for the future of their beloved team. Join the movement, be part of the game, and redefine what it means to truly own a piece of sporting history.

Embark on the thrilling journey to become a proud owner of a professional sports franchise through the Fanschise step-by-step process. The initial step is to connect with fellow dreamers who share our vision of turning this collective dream into a reality in the world of professional sports. In the second step, we eagerly collect expressions of interest from individuals passionate about making a mark in the exciting realm of sports ownership.

Moving forward, the third step comes into play when a professional sports franchise becomes available for sale or announces an expansion. This pivotal moment prompts us to gather participations, bringing us one step closer to realizing the dream of franchise ownership. In the fourth and crucial step, you have the opportunity to unite with a partner, strengthening your position as an owner of the team.

Rest assured, all intended participation amounts are securely held in escrow, offering full refundability. The only exception is the one-time non-refundable administrative fee of $18.99, ensuring a transparent and straightforward process. As the journey concludes, you will stand tall among the proud owners of a professional sports franchise, having actively contributed to the realization of a shared sports dream. Join us in this extraordinary venture, where passion meets ownership, and dreams evolve into a thrilling reality with Fanschise.

The Most Valuable Package from Fanschise stands out as the perfect gift for any sports fan due to its exceptional value proposition.