Nashville Swings for the Majors: MLB Expansion Buzz Grows

Nashville Swings for the Majors: MLB Expansion Buzz Grows

In a recent poll conducted by @TheAthletic, the prospect of Major League Baseball (MLB) expansion has Music City, Nashville, stepping up to the plate as the top choice among players. With nearly 70% of the surveyed @MLB players casting their votes, Nashville emerged as the frontrunner for an expansion city.

This development follows closely on the heels of the Oakland Athletics' decision to relocate to Las Vegas, a move that has put Nashville in prime contention for a Major League team. The poll, which included options like Portland, Montreal, Oakland, Charlotte, Austin, Vancouver, and Salt Lake City, revealed an overwhelming 69% preference for Nashville.

Montreal secured the second spot with 10% of the votes, while Charlotte and Austin tied with 5% each. The remaining cities, including Oakland, received 4% or less in the player survey.

MLB leadership has expressed longstanding interest in expanding to new cities, and Nashville has consistently been on that list. However, expansion plans are contingent on the construction of new ballparks for two teams: the Oakland Athletics and the Tampa Bay Rays. Negotiations are currently underway to secure the Rays' continued presence in Tampa.

In April, @FOX17 News conducted its own poll, engaging viewers in the conversation about the potential arrival of an MLB team in Nashville. The results were closely contested, with taxpayer funding emerging as a key concern for those weighing in on Music City's potential leap into the major leagues. As the discussions and negotiations continue, Nashville's status as a preferred expansion city gains further momentum.

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