About Us

Fanschise is a Canadian startup founded by two old friends, Phil and Greg. Both hailing from the Montreal area, they grew up immersed in the culture of the iconic hockey team, the Canadiens. Hockey is akin to a religion in Quebec, and like many other fans in Montreal and beyond, Phil and Greg harbored a lifelong dream of owning a piece of sports history.

However, with the Montreal Canadiens privately held for many years and no signs of being sold anytime soon, they decided to turn their dream into reality by creating a concept that would unite passionate fans from all professional sports clubs through the first Fansfunding platform.

As a management company, we aggregate the intentions of every fan and negotiate with the currently available teams for sale. Upon ownership, a new company will be established, still under the management of Fanschise but owned collectively by the fans.

FANSCHISE is introducing a groundbreaking FANSFUNDING platform empowering sports fans with ownership.
This concept reshapes the dynamics of sports ownership!

Imagine having the opportunity to secure your stake in a professional NHL sports club with just a symbolic 1$ commitment today. Here's the game-changing twist: the remaining $99, to complete the full stake of $100, is deferred until the ideal sports club is targeted. Once identifying the potential team available for sale or for expansion, you'll be contacted to fulfill the remaining participation and solidify your full ownership.

This pioneering model revolutionizes the way fans engage with sports ownership, making it more accessible, dynamic, and tailored to the preferences of each contributor. By asking for only $1 upfront, this fansfunding initiative democratizes sports ownership, inviting fans from all walks of life to join the movement, be part of the game, and redefine what it means to truly own a piece of sporting history.

In 2024, Sportico's meticulous reports reveal substantial growth in major sports leagues' valuations over the past two decades.

The NFL's average valuation of $5.14 billion in 2024 marks a remarkable 701% surge from $733 million in 2004. The NBA commands a $4 billion valuation in 2024, showcasing a remarkable 1324% increase from $302 million in 2004. MLB's valuation transforms by 800%, reaching $2.36 billion in 2024 from $295 million in 2004. The NHL's valuation hits $1.31 billion in 2024, an 804% increase from $163 million in 2004. The MLS sees an impressive 1832% surge, reaching $678 million in 2024 from $37 million in 2008.

These substantial valuation increases underscore the enduring appeal and financial strength of major sports leagues. In comparison, the NASDAQ index shows a 467% increase from around 3300 in 2004 to approximately 15400 in January 2024.

From a FANSCHISE standpoint, this historical data emphasizes the potential for significant returns, positioning sports ownership as a lucrative and proven investment opportunity in the dynamic market landscape.

In the current landscape, the availability of professional sports clubs for sale or for expansion is relatively scarce, and more often than not, such transactions occur discreetly without much public awareness until the deals are finalized. The world of professional sports club ownership is characterized by a certain level of confidentiality, with negotiations and sales often conducted behind the scenes. As a result, fans and the general public may not be immediately informed about the potential sale of a sports club until the ownership transfer is officially settled. This secretive nature adds an element of surprise to the process, making it challenging for enthusiasts to stay abreast of club ownership developments in real-time.

Due to the high level of confidentiality surrounding the sale or expansion of sports clubs, it remains unknown which teams are currently on the market. This underscores the importance of joining the fansfunding platform. When the information becomes public, there will be limited time for a swift response.

Fanschise needs to be prepared to negotiate and represent a substantial group of fans to lend credibility to the process. Being part of the platform from its inception ensures an active approach and maximizes the opportunity for fans to engage in the ownership process.

Don't miss your chance to score big. Be a part of the action and secure your place in the Fanschise legacy as spaces are limited!