Turning Fans Into Stakeholders

Imagine yourself grabbing the incredible chance to own a professional hockey club right from your hometown! This innovative approach allows fans like you to become key part-owners of your city's future team, with a symbolic commitment of just $1. Get set to be a driving force behind the success story of your next favorite team!

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Quebec is currently in the lead with the largest fan base participating in Fanschise. Allez Québec!!

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Houston is in second place but boasts a substantial Twitter and Facebook fan base. It's time to advocate for your city!

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Salt Lake City is here! We hear you, but raise your voice louder. Your city is counting on you.

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Say What?

As Per Forbes

For owners, the best part is that expansion fees are not treated as hockey-related revenue that needs to be split 50-50 with players under the NHL’s hard salary cap. Their full share of any expansion fee goes directly into their pockets. Full Article

Bettman: List Of 6 Possible NHL Expansion Cities

"If we decide to expand, and Quebec City expresses the type of interests necessary to make it happen, then we’ll review." - Garry Bettman Source

The NHL is Outperforming The NASDAQ

From a FANSCHISE point of view, this historical data underscores the potential for significant returns, establishing sports ownership as a lucrative and proven investment opportunity in the dynamic market landscape.

Why Does It Cost Only $1?

Currently, our primary focus is to build a strong community of Fanschisers to enhance our process. We ask for a symbolic $1 to showcase your faith in your city and to keep you engaged. It's important to note that your $1 is fully refundable at any time (minus the incurred transaction fees). In essence, your $1 is a placeholder in something much larger than oneself.

Let's Dream Big Together

Like many Montreal hockey fans, we often feel that we know everything about the sport and have all dreamed of owning an NHL team. With Fanschise, I could have a chance at turning that dream into reality during the next NHL expansion. While owning a stake in any NHL expansion team would be exciting, playing an active role in bringing back the Nordiques would be the ultimate achievement.

About Greg

Fanschise Is My Crazy Idea!

At times, we all come up with business ideas, some more promising than others. Fanschise is my teenage idea brought to life. For a symbolic 1$ commitment, let's unite true hockey fans.

Is it daring? Absolutely! Will there be challenges? Certainly! Will it require time? Yes! Is success guaranteed? Not at all! Will we enjoy the journey? Always!

Enjoy ourselves into this improbable ownership journey together.

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