Outperforming the NASDAQ

Outperforming the NASDAQ

In 2024, the valuations of major sports leagues, meticulously reported by Sportico, unveil a compelling narrative of extraordinary growth, showcasing substantial percentage increases over the past two decades.

The NFL, with an average valuation of $5.14 billion in 2024, has experienced an impressive surge of 701% from its valuation of $733 million in 2004.

The NBA, commanding a $4 billion valuation in 2024, has seen a remarkable ascent of 1324% from its $302 million valuation in 2004.

MLB's valuation has undergone an 800% transformation, soaring to $2.36 billion in 2024 from its comparatively modest $295 million in 2004.

Similarly, the NHL's journey is marked by substantial growth, with its valuation reaching $1.31 billion in 2024, representing an 804% increase from $163 million in 2004.

The MLS, valued at $678 million in 2024, has witnessed an impressive surge of 1832% from $37 million in 2008.

These remarkable percentage increases in valuation highlight the enduring appeal and financial robustness of these major sports leagues over the years. Comparatively, the NASDAQ index, with a value of approx 3300 in 2004, experienced a 467% increase, reaching approx 15400 in January 2024.

From a FANSCHISE point of view, this historical data underscores the potential for significant returns, establishing sports ownership as a lucrative and proven investment opportunity in the dynamic market landscape.

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