Make a winning move by joining the Fanschise Fansfunding! Unlock distinctive certificates at each milestone and claim numbered rewards that bring you one step closer to owning a unique piece of sports history. Don't miss your chance to score big – be a part of the action and secure your place in the Fanschise legacy!

Opening Ceremony

Fans, immerse yourself in the live excitement of the opening ceremony! This is the ultimate moment to set the rhythm, as the real game is about to kick off. Seize the opportunity to elevate your game, secure your spot in the exclusive Fanschise lineup, and own the game!

Kick Off

Join the excitement of Fanschise fansfunding, where the kick off sets the tone for the entire campaign. Grab your spot as an early adopter and flaunt your achievement to friends. Limited seats are available, so seize the opportunity now!

The Game

The true game has started, here and now. All together, we can shape history. With Fanschise, you wield the ability to bring fans together, creating a formidable force that commands attention and respect.


The Overtime is the moment of truth as the game can end at any time. Now is still the time to rally everyone for the race. A large number of contributors are eager and ready to celebrate. It's the last call to welcome more people into our team.


Congratulations to everyone! Unveil your Ownership Certificate and bask in the glory of this monumental victory. Take a moment to celebrate as we etch our names in history, marking the moment you officially own the game. But, let's not linger too long in the celebration; tomorrow, we focus on the next Fanschise adventure!