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My City! My Team!

By pledging a symbolic $1, you're not just a spectator; you're a player in the exciting realm where passion meets ownership. Join the journey, celebrate the wins, and revel in the unique joy of bragging to your friends, "I own a piece of the team!"

Show your support for your city and secure your spot in Fanschise Fansfunding. Once the expansion is announced, you commit to contributing the remaining $99 to complete your $100 stack for your preferred team. If your team isn't chosen in the expansion, you have the option to transfer your contribution to another city.

Whenever discussions about expansion arise, fans eagerly anticipate the return of an NHL team to Quebec City. Since the Nordiques' relocation to Denver in 1995, tens of thousands of passionate hockey supporters have been without a local team to rally behind, particularly considering the intense rivalry Quebec had developed with the Montreal Canadiens over the years. These factors point to a promising comeback for Quebec.

Limited spots available – seize the opportunity now and take ownership of the game!

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